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Summer Reading List 

Summer Reading List


            Maintaining reading skills is vital.  It is probably best for students to read at least four or five books over summer vacation.  Below is a suggested list of books that will interest your children, maintain skills and give them a good start in fifth grade.


Author                               Title

Avi                                             Windcatcher, The Secret School (and others)

Balliet, Blue                               Chasing Vermeer 

Borden, Louise            Sleds on Boston Common: A Story of the American Revolution

Brink, Carol R                             Caddie Woodlawn

Bulla, Clyde                                 Shoeshine Girl           A Lion to Guard Us  ( and others)

Curtis, Christopher Paul              Bud, not Buddy

Cushman, Karen                          The Ballad of Lucy Whipple

Clements, Andrew                       Frindle,      The Last Holiday Concert   (and others)

DiCamillo, Kate                           Because of Winn Dixie,   The Tale of Desperaux

Fitzhugh, Louise                    Harriet the Spy,   The Long Secret

Gantos, Jack                                 Joey Pigza Loses Control   (and others)

George, Jean Craighead              any book by this author

Lasky, Kathryn                            Guardians of Ga'Hoole  (and others in the series)

Lewis, C.S.                                   Prince Caspian  (and others in the Narnia series)

MacLachlan, Patricia                    Journey,   Skylark,    All the Places to Love

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds              Shiloh and other books in the series

O'Brien, Robert C.                        Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Sacher, Louis                                  Holes and any other book by this author

White, E.B.                                    Trumpet of the Swans    Stuart Little




            This is just a list of suggested reading-ANY reading is good!  The Windham Public Library is a great place to stop by and browse, or join their free summer reading program.