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Homework Schedule 

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Environmental Science HW 

Monday 10-7 None

Tuesday 10-8 None

Wednesday 10-9 None

Thursday 10-10 Work on Range of Tolerance

Friday 10-11 Finish Range of Tolerance


Science 7 HW  Unit 1 Test- 10-9

Monday 10-7 Study for Test on Wed./ Finish Candy Lab

Tuesday 10-8 Colored Unit Sheet/ Test tomorrow

Wednesday 10-9 Make Up Missing Work

Thursday 10-10 Test Corrections

Friday 10-11 None


Science 8 HW    Test on 10-16

Monday 10-7 Work on Paper Towel Lab

Tuesday 10-8 Paper Towel Lab due Thursday

Wednesday 10-9 Paper Towel Lab due tomorrow

Thursday 10-10 Finish Data Analysis Packet

Friday 10-11 Castle Learning Properties of Matter 1 due next Friday



College Biology 101 HW

Monday 10-7 Finish Chemthink Virtual Lab

Tuesday 10-8 AP Origin of Life Graphic Organizer due Thursday

Wednesday 10-9 Origin of Life Graphic Organizer due tomorrow

Thursday 10-10 Work on Origin of Life Inquiry

Friday 10-11 Work on Origin of Life Inquiry Lab




 Image result for homework gif